Arnauda riurau
21 June, 2024

Declared of Community Interest in 2015, L´Hort de L´Alé is a project of the Christian-Marc Olmos Vente Foundation, based on promoting sustainability through ecology (CAECV approved), ethnology (raisin museum), and solidarity (social action and support of the integration of the handicapped). L´Hort de l´Alé has among its elements, reconstructed premises from the XIX Century (the Riurau and the little cottage), and one of the few raisin stoves from the Alicantine province.


· Opening hours:
Dates: First Saturday of every month
Timetable: 10.15 AM and 11.15 AM
Languages: Spanish and English
Present: A gift will be given to the visitors with ecological products of L´Hort de L´Alé and/or didactic material

· Price:
12 € adults and 6 € children (less 12 years old).
Reservations of two adults or more, price will be 10 € each person.
This amount is dedicated to fund the projects of Christian Olmos Foundation.